How Can I Help My Child Over The Summer?


A common question around this time of year is, “what should I do over the summer to help my child?”

I would like to share some options that you may like to use.

  • Parent Resource: Please take a moment to read this resource How To Help Your Child Love Reading Over The Summer. It was shared with me from Beth Moore who has been a literacy coach for our school for a number of years. It offers suggestions for how to help your child to enjoy reading over the summer!

  • Classroom Blog: Our classroom blog can be used as a way to navigate various websites ( that relate to math, reading, etc. What is nice about this, is that the students are very familiar with our blog and how to access various programs such as Raz-Kids, Lexia, Dreambox and variety of math games.

  • Raz-Kids: My plan is to keep our current class listed until mid-August (then I start registering my new class). The students can read books online from here. There are also follow-up questions to the books that they read.

  • Mathematics at Summit: In an effort to support caregivers over the summer break Summit Street School has prepared some great links, downloads, and activities for you to access.

  • Wednesdays at Summit Street School:

    • Summit Street Learning Center will be open this summer on Wednesday mornings from 7:30 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. Students and adults are invited to exchange their leveled summer reading books.
    • Guest readers will read each Wednesday at 8:30 a.m.
    • Please visit the library on Wednesdays, starting June 28th  and ending August 23rd.
    • Mid summer reading celebration, Wednesday, July  26th!
  • Brownell Library: Get involved with the Brownell Library’s summer reading program, Build a Better World or other fun offerings there. You can find more information here!

  • Writing Ideas: Writing can be tricky to think of ideas for. This blog is co-written by Beth Moore. It offers writing suggestions that may spark your interest. Please see suggestions below:

    • Create a toolkit (notebook, pens, sticky notes).
    • Design a space (special corner in their room with pillows and a clipboard or a beach towel and water bottle for outdoor writing).
    • Write cards, letters, and lists.
    • Take field trips (walk the neighborhood, visit the library, local museums, or parks). Reflect on those outings by drawing and/or writing.
    • Tell stories to your child and with your child. You can record their stories by writing them down, using a voice recording, or by saving them on SoundCloud.
    • As your child tells stories, help structure the stories with a beginning, middle and end format. Telling stories is an important precursor to writing stories. Your interest will encourage your child to add details!
    • Does your child thrive on a challenge? Color in the squares of the WRITE BINGO board for additional prompts and writing inspiration. (Younger children might like this version (also found at )and older children could enjoy this one (also found at ).
    • Check out Sharing Our Notebooks, a site by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater, for many ideas on summer notebook writing.
    • Here is a list of books that might encourage all different types of writing this summer.
    • Encourage your child to write a review for all the great reading being done this summer! Sites like The Spaghetti Book Club allow students to submit book reviews!
    • Get appy! Try some apps that allow your child to draw with his/her finger or a stylus, record audio and draw. Some favorites include Pixie, Explain Everything, and Notability.
    • Tell and retell stories of favorite summer moments with your child. Make a scrapbook of special photographs and memorabilia from the summer. Encourage your child to write about favorite moments and add them to the scrapbook.

    More ideas on how to help your child grow as a writer can be found here.

Thursday and Friday Reminders


Our end of the year Musical is on Thursday at 1:30 at Fleming.  The children should wear combinations of yellow, purple and green.  

****Children will be dismissed from the back or from Village Kids after the performance.  No one may be dismissed from Fleming or at the classroom.  

Friday is our 2nd grade class picnic at Maple Street Park. We will be leaving about 10:00 for our walk and plan to return to Summit about 2:30.  

Please be sure your child has the following:

  • Sneakers or some sort of Velcro sandals

  • Lunch and drinks (unbreakable containers)
  • Sunscreen and/or bug spray
  • Items that they choose to bring to play with should be labeled with their name.  NO hard baseballs are allowed.  
  • Pack a light jacket in their backpack in case we have a light rain shower on our return walk.
  • We plan to eat lunch about 11:30 if you would like to eat with your child.  
  • End of the day dismissal plans will be followed unless we have a written note on Friday morning.  

Becoming Poets


In Writing Workshop, we are becoming our own poets. Our lessons have taught us how to use our “poets’ eyes” and observe things with our hearts and minds. We have practiced writing poems by looking at objects and choosing words that show what they resemble rather than exactly what is in front of us. For example, with “normal eyes” clouds can be described as white, puffy, floating across the sky, etc. However, with “poets’ eyes” clouds can become cotton candy, pillows, animals in the sky, etc.

Today, we worked together and listened for where line breaks should go. Line breaks help writers to break up their poems into specific lines so that when a poem is read aloud it sounds just right and read in a way the poet intended.

I was so impressed with how students reread poems that they have written, underlined certain words that should go together, in different colors, and then rewrote their poems with line breaks. It was amazing to hear the difference in their two different versions!

Pollinating Bees


We acted out pollination with homemade bees and flowers! The goal was to demonstrate how to disperse their flower’s pollen to another student’s flower as well as receive pollen from another student. We then recorded the procedure in our notebooks and wrote about how this helps a plant’s survival!

Thursday, June 8th – Concert


Please plan to join us at Fleming on Thursday, June 8th , at 1:30 pm, when our Summit Street students will be presenting songs, dances, and art in a performance called: A Friend for All Seasons.  The performance will take about an hour and will feature all classes in a school-wide showcase.

Grade 2 will be representing spring and can wear any combination of yellow, purple, green (solid colors)!